Stainless Steel Grade

Our superior quality stainless steel are provided to a wide range of industries - the automotive, construction and electronic appliances segments.

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Characteristic Appliance Corrosion Formability Non-Mag Strength
Austenitic Series
High work hardening and high strength
Conveyor Belt, Electric Parts / Equipment, Spring and etc.
The most popular austenitic stainless steel
Kitchen and Utensils, Architecture, Daily Appliance, Brewing tanks, Chemical Plant Equipment, etc.
More stabilized comparing with Type 304. Used in application which requires a non-magnetic even after processing, and also excellent process ability.
Electronic Component, TV Electron Gun and etc.
Better corrosion resistance to sulphuric, acetic and other organic acids than Type 304.
Chemical Plant Equipment, Pulp and Paper Industry, Food Industry, High Temperature Service and etc.
Ferritic Series
Especially useful for applications where oxidation or corrosion protection.
Oxidation Resistance (front pipe, converter, muffler, etc.), such as Heat Exchanger Automobile Exhaust Gas-Related Parts, Farm Equipment and etc.
Typical ferritic stainless steel
Kitchen and Table Ware. Electronic Instruments, Architecture Structure.
Outperforms Type 409 in both oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance.
Automobile, Elevator, Exterior Parts for Refrigerator, and etc.
With its fine dual-phased structure of ferritic phase and martensite phase, it has good blanking properties, with low burr height after blanking.
Press Plate for Lamination, Multilayer Printed Circuit Board, Hairpins, Measurement Tools (linen scale) and etc.
High Quenching hardenability and work hardenability
Printer-cutters, scissors, rulers, slide calipers, table knives
Precipitation Hardening
Excellent hardness and high strength by aging treatment. It is in the category of lower thermal expansion and high heat conductivity.
Press Plate for Lamination, Multilayer Printed Circuit Board and Steel Belt.
22% Cr - 1% Mo ferritic stainless steel with Ultra low carbon and Nitrogen.
Roofing, Architecture Exterior, Jar and Pot, Electric Water Heater, Water Tank and etc.
445 M2
Easier to work on as compare to 316. 445M2 is much lower rate of work hardening gives lower forming loads and less spring back.
Roofing, Architecture Exterior, Electric Water Heater, Water Tank and etc.
CSP (Precision Stainless Steel for Spring)
Making 304 and 301 harder and higher-strangth by cold rolling process. It is widely used from mobile phone to automobile.
Automobile parts like Engine Head Gaskets, Exhaust Gasket, Electric components, Computer component, Oil & Gas indutries Products.
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Stainless Steel Grade by Nisshin Steel

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